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I'm Ollie a professional Go developer, with over 7 years experience using Golang in production. I do contract Go Engineering, helping some great businesses build important things.

I offer Golang training in the UK; training focused on helping those new to Go, pick it up faster. Great for Devs coming from object-oriented languages!

I run a weekly newsletter about Go, aimed at aspiring and experienced developers alike. I consume so much Go code and content each week you really should let me curate the good stuff for you! Sign up above!

I'm also working on a book about Go - an inexpensive book (sub $10). Perhaps, another reason to sign up to the newsletter if this might interest you! It'll include the tips, the tricks and of course, those gotchas!

In all of this, I try aim at the long-tail of learning #golang.... the gotchas and the quirky idioms, since, better Engineers than myself, are not as productive with Go, until they grasp these concepts - despite the ample learning resources to be found on the Web!

Training can be done on-site, or be fully hosted off-site (nr Warrington, Cheshire). Classes of up to 20 people can be accommodated, with lunch and refreshments provided.

For more information please contact me!

e: [email protected]